Zircon how to recognize it and its merits

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There is one stone that looks so much like a diamond that non-specialists often don’t notice the difference: zircon. Its light, its transparency, especially if the gem is white and small, can deceive non-connoisseurs. Therefore, a jewel with cubic zirconia can be exchanged for a jewel of high value. But this is not the case, zircon does not have the characteristics of a diamond at all and even if at first glance it may be misleading, careful observation makes it possible to grasp the differences.

However, zircon is appreciated, perhaps precisely because it is beautiful but relatively inexpensive, which is why its jewels can be worn with more serenity and characterize our most everyday and less formal moments.

How to tell a zircon from a diamond

There are many methods to recognize a zircon from a diamond and here we will try to reveal some of them, remembering however that there are margins of error that could give false results therefore, certainty can only be achieved by using your own trusted jeweler.

The “leaf” method

for this observation you need a sheet of white paper, with a pencil you have to draw a point on it which is anyway clearly visible.

We must now place the gem that we want to analyze on the sheet by placing it with the flat part, that is to say the one opposite the top, the one which in the jargon of jewelers is called “table”, in centering the point that was drawn.

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If the stone is a zircon, the light it reflects will create a circle inside the stone.

If, on the contrary, it is a diamond, the light will be diffused in all directions and the reflection will be barely perceptible.

zircon ring
Silver ring with many small cubic zirconia crystals

Magnifying glass

diamond is the hardest mineral that remains so over time, for this you just need a simple magnifying glass and with this look on its surface that will appear almost smooth and shiny and its edges will always be well ground.

On the contrary, always observing the zircon with a magnifying glass, we will notice more scratches on its surface and the edges of the facets will be less sharp than those of the diamond, sometimes almost rounded.

The test of time

Over time, the gloss retains its luster while the zircon gradually becomes more and more opaque.


Zircon, so ancient and therefore well known to the peoples who preceded us, has been attributed many meanings.

In the East this mineral is used to rebalance the energy centers, the chakras.

Fire is traditionally associated with zircon, which is why it primarily symbolizes strength and courage.

It also helps you to be at peace with yourself, to overcome a loss, to develop your common sense.

Physically, it reduces dizziness, allergies and insomnia.

Chemical composition of zircon

Zircon is a zirconium silicate and is a mineral found in many rocks, but in small amounts.

Unfortunately there is also a stone on the market called cubic zirconia which closely resembles natural gemstone but is entirely synthetic.

For this we must be careful! In jewelry they sell under the name of zircon a natural and synthetic stone which, of course, has a reduced value compared to the first.

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In fact, zircon is a mineral that is found in the earth’s crust and some specimens are found to have existed since time immemorial, almost shortly after the birth of the Earth itself.

Types of zircons

Zircon earrings with diamonds

This mineral has a wide variety of colors, yellow, red, blue, green, shades and gradations mainly due to the impurities it contains.

In jewelry, the most used gemstone is colorless because, with its transparency and multicolored reflections, it looks more like a diamond.

Very beautiful is also the blue zircon which comes mainly from Cambodia, the most precious type of which is the Ratanakiri characterized by a very intense and rare blue color.

But the color of zircons can be changed by heat.

For example, a dark red or yellow gem can be transformed into colorless or blue zircon.

The same heat also increases its transparency, in this case the zircon takes on a remarkable beauty.

The colors honey and red, the latter coming from Africa, do not have much value while green is more expensive as it is very rare.

In any case, zircon has its own value that places it among the best-selling gemstones (some call it semi-precious stone). It has its own cut, the “zircon” cut which has eight additional facets around the base of the gem.

In jewelry, we find her ready to offer us jewelry with new trends for the most fashionable brands, jewelry that is highly appreciated for its beauty and value.

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