Wooden jewelry: natural trend

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Whether it’s necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches or even clasps, bow ties or glasses, wooden accessories and jewelery are increasingly popular.

Wood is one of the first materials used for the creation of jewelry since the oldest civilizations.

Primitive men were the first to create jewelry with organic materials such as shells or bones.

At the time of ancient romans it was one of the main materials chosen, often along with metal, coral and precious stones when one wanted to emphasize belonging to the higher ranks.

In recent years, its use has made a comeback, not only in costume jewelery but also in crafts and luxury jewellery.

Beautiful wooden jewelry

Of aesthetic point of view we have its elegance, wooden jewelry is refined and refined and conveys an idea of ​​class and originality. They are unique, wood is an ever-changing material and each piece will have its own unique and inimitable imprint.

They are warm, unlike metals which are all cold to the touch, in contact with the skin the wood arouses pleasant sensations of warmth. Thanks to its versatility, it adapts to the classic style, as well as to the modern or sporty style, and worn it highlights women and men and is perfect for all seasons.

Of ethical point of view wood is an eco-sustainable good, it is a natural material. For its production neither polluting materials nor chemical dyes that could harm the environment are used.

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Thanks to its easy availability and relatively simple processing, it is also possible to find beautiful pieces inexpensively. Simply choose to give local artisans the opportunity to work with their art.

All these qualities make it an ecological and conscious choice and make it an essential accessory.

How to choose the right wooden jewelry

Wooden jewel

Whether they are fragments left raw from driftwood or carefully chosen, turned and polished, trees are living beings. Each piece of wood will have its own soul, its own story, a different color and scent.

Let yourself be guided by instinct and your senses, what will perhaps strike you will be the way a grain stands out in perfect harmony with the shape of the jewel, or like the golden reflections of ebony or the radial grain of beech.

Each wood also has a different smell, rosewood smells like vanilla. Ebony, on the other hand, has an aromatic scent of spices and incense while Rosewood gives off a scent of roses.

If you focus on its aesthetics, among the most used and valuable woods there is certainly theebony.

Processing this wood requires patience and attention to detail, which is why it is perfect for small items. It has a fine grain and is not very porous, it is compact and heavy, and it is strong and durable.

When smoothed and polished, its intense black color so full fascinates and captivates. It is an unparalleled wood and it is not for nothing that cabinetmaking, or the art of working precious woods, owes its name to it.

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Me too’maple it is very precious, its veins are very harmonious and its color is uniform. It can vary in many shades, from the darkest red to softer pink, through yellow and down to a light almost white. It has compact fibers, it is a porous wood, of medium hardness, but very resistant and it is widely used thanks to its good workability.

Sometimes, however, it’s her story that grabs our attention. There are those who use reclaimed wood, taken from old furniture. You choose to give a second life to objects that would otherwise be forgotten while highlighting and embellishing them.

Like reclaimed wood tinker, long wooden poles used in Venice to moor boats and gondolas and which must be replaced every 10/20 years. Prolonged immersion in water generates distinctive holes that transform any object created with this wood into unique works of art.

But it is also possible to find fossil wood jewelry dating back several tens of thousands of years. Or semi-fossil like the dead, or bog oak in English, left dormant for thousands of years at the bottom of rivers and swamps.

How to store wooden jewelry

Tropical Fashion Wooden Jewelry

As we have seen, wood is a beautiful and elegant material, but it is also a living material, and it requires specific attention and care. These accessories are designed to withstand occasional drops or rain, but constant water and humidity can pose a hazard, as can scratches.

Although the woods chosen are sturdy and hard, sharp objects such as gemstones found in other jewelry can scratch and damage wood jewelry. Even sudden temperature changes can cause it to swell or shrink, or cause it to crack.

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when you keep them therefore, to avoid these risks, it is good to keep them dry and separately, preferably in soft bags or in separate boxes. when you wear them instead, keep them away from heat sources such as stoves or sudden drops in temperature.

It is also good to avoid putting them in contact with chemicals or cosmetics such as soaps, perfumes or creams. Hair spray, mosquito spray or sunscreen, for example, can cause the wood to lose its distinctive color.

To clean them before storing them and dusting or degreasing the leather, the best tool is a simple dry microfiber or cotton cloth. If the wood of your jewel shines from time to time, it will be necessary to revive the shine. Puh polish them use the aforementioned non-abrasive cloths and natural beeswax.

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