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There are questions that seem simple, but at the same time we have all asked ourselves at least once. My generation is probably the one that has benefited the most from the internet to solve many small everyday problems. I learned how to tie a tie myself thanks to a YouTube tutorial! It is therefore not surprising that one of the most asked questions is: where do you wear the watch?

Although there is no label for the watch, good tone he offers some tips that help us wear our “watch” with the right style for each type of occasion.

On which wrist is the watch worn??

How to wear the watch

We always wondered what wrist where to bring the watch, that right or left?

In reality, there is no rule in this regard. It has long been customary to wear the watch on the left wrist simply because, being the majority of men right-handed, they used their right hand to wind the watch which, therefore, was worn on the left.

However, it is logical to think that the same situation applies to left-handers, simply by inverting the right with the left, therefore wide for those who wear the watch on the right wrist!

Clearly nowadays it is rare to find hand-wound watches, most are automatic, but the tradition has remained and, especially for women, the right wrist is almost always reserved for bracelets.

But nothing forces us to respect tradition, so it’s up to us to decide on which wrist to wear our watch.

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How to wear the watch?

Where to wear the fashion watch

There are no precise rules in this regard, but the watch must certainly be combined with our clothes which, of course, are chosen according to the time of day in which we live.

There is only one garment prohibited wear the watch on your wrist and that’s where you wear it the tailcoat.

In this case, the clock must be poached, maybe antique or with a twist ancient but, never worn on the wrist.

If you wear the tight, for example for a wedding, the pocket watch would always be ideal but it is not mandatory.

The important thing is rather that it is elegant, preferably in yellow gold with a fine leather strap like, for example, that of the crocodile.

Now let’s go to tuxedo, a male dress very worn in important ceremonies and events.

Again, you can wear the watch on your wrist as long as it is covered by your shirt cuff.

In any case, it must be an elegant watch with gold case and leather strapmoreover, it must be associated with the cufflinks that are worn on the wrists.

Where to wear the watch, 7 tips for formal moments

Where the men's watch is worn

We have therefore seen thatin formal moments, you should wear a watch appropriate for the situation.

But what requirements must he have to be the right one? What does good tone suggest? What makes us feel comfortable because it’s perfectly adequate at the moment?

There are some tips that will help us complete our outfit perfectly.

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1-During this time, the clock must not be larger than 41mm, naturally understood as diameter.

2- It must consist of precious materials such as gold, silver or platinum.

3- It must necessarily be analog.

4- It must match the jewelry you wear. If the cuffs or the tie clip are respectively platinum or yellow gold of the same type, it must be the watch.

5- The strap should not be too wide and should be leather.

6- The leather of the strap must be combined with that of the shoes and the belt.

seven- In any case, when a man wear a tie, should wear a watch elegant style, neither sporty nor digital.

Beyond the rules and etiquette, we must not forget that when choosing a watch, we must take into account the size of our wrist.

A watch that is too big would look bad on a small wrist and vice versa.

For a small wrist, the choice should be a watch with a dial diameter ranging from 36 mm to 44 mm.

The 36 mm represents the minimum case size for a man.

Those with larger wrists should opt for watches that range in size from 44mm to 50mm, watches that aren’t meant for official occasions, of course.

If you want to learn more about the world of watches, you can check out our guide to types of watches!

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