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Today with us there is a dear friend of ours, Salvo Speciale. Salvo began his career, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, as an advertising graphic designer at Oxford. He then chose to invest himself again in Sicily and, like many young people, took the opposite route. He then discovered his passion for the world of marriage because, as he says himself, each marriage tells a different story, made up of dreams but also of difficulties and evolution. Today he is therefore a wedding designer and takes care of helping the future spouses to give a unique touch to their marriage, in particular through wedding invitations.

“Hi Salvo, how are you? From advertising to weddings: more points of contact or more points of distance? »

Hi Livio, hello to all readers and thank you for the invitation! Strange as it may seem, there are definitely more points of contact than distance. Because design is always the communication of content, both in advertising and in weddings. The main difference is – of course – the purpose. An advertisement communicates a product in order to sell it, marriage essentially communicates… the couple, their history and their idea of a marriage. One example above all: equity investments. They are the basic element of every wedding, the first clue that the bride and groom will let the guests see and with which they will communicate, in addition to the date and place, also stylistic elements of the event.

“Speaking of which, while going through your IG profile, we discovered that there are different styles of wedding cards.”

Yes, there are many styles and it all depends on the idea of the wedding that we have. Often we don’t even realize how “classic” or “modern” certain elements are, so how much these can be more or less classifiable. There are four main macro-categories, two of which are the most classic – the Romantic style, for those who have an almost fairytale idea of marriage in mind, and the “Modernized” Classic, for those who like elegance and formality in a more modern tone, to obtain a timeless result – the other two are those a little more linked to fashion trends and which have imposed themselves in recent years – Boho, which mixes romantic and classic elements with the need for simplicity and concrete ;

special wedding invitations, except

the Natural, which brings us closer to environmental and green themes, which are often very current.

Of course, it must also be said that weddings are not always part of a single style, it is because the trend today is to choose a theme, often very “strong”, which could bring a little ” variety” healthy in the paradigm, making weddings more and more unique and personal.

“So what is one suggestion you can give the bride and groom on how to choose wedding invitations?”

The first tip is to give yourself the time you need to observe, research and reflect on what you want in your relationship, that is to say: do not start organizing yourself too late. Especially if you like the refinement of details, it is good to keep in mind that behind each element there will be work, research and the need to write down all the ideas until you find the “perfect” shape of everything, many investments, how many decorations.

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The second tip is to search online for ideas, see many alternatives to understand what we like and what we don’t. Finally, try to understand the main styles and see which ones best reflect us, in light of what we like. It also helps us in the decorative and stylistic choices and to obtain a homogeneous and coherent result. It’s not always easy work, especially if you are very demanding… precisely for this kind of couple, my advice is to turn to experts who can advise you, understand your ideas and give them concrete form. The result will certainly be better, and in less time.

“Now, a slightly more technical question. How much do Salvo wedding invitations normally cost? »

Of course, it depends, not all investments are created equal. The factors that influence the cost are different, such as: classic paperboard entries? Or kraft paper with its beautiful jagged edges? Or, why not on transparent plexiglass? Nowadays we can really do everything but obviously the costs between one option and the other vary a lot.

Wanting to take a classic example, that is to say the invitations with a personalized design, consisting of an invitation and the “please answer” both printed on thick cardboard with a natural effect, we are talking about approximately €2 per entry.

wedding invitations except special

What to say? We thank Salvo for his valuable advice! And if you’re looking for ideas for your wedding, don’t miss our wedding ring guide!

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