Trip to Trapani, what to see in a few days

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Trapani is a Sicilian capital located in the southwest, at the extreme tip of the island. On a clear day, you can even see the African coast from the highest floors of the city.

It is a land full of charm, which combines magnificent beaches, with culture, nature, history, archeology and typical local cuisine.

Organizing a trip to Trapani means immersing yourself in its glorious past, letting yourself be lulled by the welcome of its inhabitants and immersing yourself in a territory that has a lot to offer those who stop there.

Wanting to visit it in depth would take several days, especially if the surrounding countries and islands are also included.

Even in a few days, however, you can build a really interesting route.

The city is well connected to the main ports of Italy, being itself a place of mooring to visit this part of Sicily.

Certainly the best connections leave from the Neapolitan city, so it is enough to consult the Naples-Trapani ferry timetablesto find you in contact with this magnificent land in a few hours.

We have put together some very useful information on what you should not miss when you go on vacation to Trapani and you have a few days available.


The via delle saline which connects Trapani to Marsala it is probably one of the most famous attractions in the city.

The place is immersed in a nature reserve, where it is possible to admire different species of birds, and is extremely fascinating.

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The ancients are reflected on its waters mills, formerly used for the production of salt. Today, only some of them are active for small craft productions.

The ideal time to visit the salt flats is undoubtedly at sunset, with the orange and pink lights reflecting in the water.

Temple of Segesta

The temple and the theater are the only vestiges that Trapani inherited from the ancient city of Segestadestroyed by several armed conflicts.

It is believed, in fact, that the theater was never completed, but it is still a well-preserved monument, a few kilometers from the splendid city, which is undoubtedly worth a visit even during a short itinerary.

The entire archaeological site is located on the Mount Barbarian, 400 meters high. To get there, you can take a bus or climb a steep 2 km climb. The splendid view, however, repays all the effort.

Trapani historic center

You cannot leave Trapani without strolling through the alleys of its historic center and enjoying all the most interesting places in the city.

Among these, the Clock towerthe Basilica of San Lorenzothe Fountain of Saturnthe Ligny Tower and much more.

Archipelago of the Egadi Islands

Stopping in Trapani also means moving from the city center to visit its surroundings, including the most famous archipelago of Egadi and its largest island and popular with tourists, Favignana.

You can arrive by boat from the port of Trapani and, once there, the best way to discover it is to rent a bicycle. It is in fact the best way to reach the beaches and coves scattered along the coast of the island and enjoy its wonderful turquoise waters.

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In this sense, they differ Cala Rotunda, Burrone Lido, Cala Rossa And Cala Azzura. In addition to these, to complete the visit, you can visit the town hall, Florio Palace and to Tuna.

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