The IVV glass factory celebrates its 70th anniversary at the Argentiera estate in Bolgheri

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There are many stories of Italian companies, but when it comes to reality in the world of glassware, the names can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and IVV is one of them.

IVV celebrates 70 years of history: a company that has revolutionized the glass industry

If in addition to this aspect we want to say that in 70 years of history it has maintained a unique philosophy of its kind, which puts people at the center, preserving the unique values with which it was founded in 1952 as As a Cooperative workers’ association, we then reach a level of romanticism that few brands can boast of.

ivy glass products made in italian glassworks

From 1952 to today the company has grown rapidly, thanks to a history of made in Italy, craftsmanship and innovations, which have led IVV to reach today 50 employees who work in a factory of more than 7,500 square meters.

The history of design written by IVV until the 90s: unique glass products

After indelibly marking the history of design with its emblematic products which, from the 1950s to the 1990s, anticipated trends and fashion – becoming a reference for the main players in the sector – IVV was also a forerunner in the creation of glass products for tables and sideboards and for furnishings accessible to an ever larger market, hitherto accessible to a few because they are the expression of pure elite know-how.

ivy glass products made in italian glassworks

The repositioning of the brand in 2019: IVV returns as the protagonist

The repositioning of the brand started in 2019 aims precisely to bring the IVV brand back to the high end of the market, a position it had presided over until the end of the 1990s.

The innovations are numerous, from the new range of products with a more minimal taste, thanks also to the collaboration with external designers, to the rediscovery of the unique pieces that IVV had developed since its creation.

ivy glass products made in italian glassworks

IVV has decided to reissue the collection of Noè tasting glasses, a real must-have for those who love to drink important wines, such as those that during the celebrations that took place at Tenuta Argentiera in Bolgheri, guests were able to try during dinner to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary.

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