Sapphire – the most sought after stone in the world

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Here it is on display in the luxurious showcases of jewelers, here it is the sapphire with its incomparable deep and brilliant blue color, here it is assembled to make fairy tale jewelry or small and simple but still precious.

The gaze rests and sinks into its almost hypnotized blue while the mind wanders between memories of princely worlds and almost magical evocations.

Sapphire has always been a dream for all women, a dream not only because it is one of the most beautiful and inimitable colored gemstones. Also because he is there most expensive gem after diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Physical and chemical characteristics of sapphire

The sapphire belongs to the family of the gods corundum, minerals consisting of aluminum oxide whose atoms take on a crystal structure similar to that of diamond which gives ahigh hardness and resistance.

As in all rocks, there are traces of other elements. In addition to aluminum and oxygen, in the case of sapphire, these are the chrome, iron and titanium. Depending on the type and quantity of these other atoms, the color of the stone varies, going from blue to green, orange, red, purple and yellow.

To emphasize the fact that the color of this stone is not fixed but varies as the light changes. FORfor example, the blue tint, when the light radiation is more intense, it takes on an almost purplish color. Generally, sapphire is present in metamorphic rocks and can be extracted in mines in particular. More precisely, its chemical composition largely depends on the place of origin.

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Where do they come from?

sapphire stone

In general, the finest sapphires come from Burma, Sri Lanka, India and Cambodia.

The USA too they have several deposits of sapphires and their purity is highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

Particular and very precious, it is Kashmir Sapphire which shines with a color similar to cornflowers.


Sapphire ring

We have often spoken of the blue color of the sapphire but in reality this it’s not the only nuance which may present, for example there is a variety with orange shades, very popular because it is rare.

These types of sapphires belong to the variety Padparadscha e they are from Sri Lanka, because of theirs the iridescent color can also shine in yellow and pink.

The least valuable variety of the Padparadscha, but much sought after, is that of Kashmir, its typical blue color, in fact, is the most requested by buyers. The most valuable sapphires are those of “Royal blue”.

There is also a gem called “Pink Sapphire” which is actually not a sapphire variety but a ruby ​​variety.

Another type of sapphires are those withasterism. It is the characteristic of some gemstones that consists of the presence of inclusions that spread light by creating light rays that radiate from the inside of the gem.

However, asterism will often created or highlighted with a special cut.

As for the ruby, the same goes for sapphires, it is possible to be created in such a way synthetic and, chemically, it is given any desired color.

Of course, its value can in no way be compared with that of natural stone.

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Sapphire value

From what has been said and like any other stone, the value of the sapphire depends on many elements. Among these: color, shine, clarity, origin and above all the weight expressed in carats.

In general, when it comes to color, you should avoid buying a sapphire too light or too dark because they have a lower market value.

Instead, those who have are highly appreciated and valued an intense and brilliant color.

For the Processing you must know that cut sapphires are less valuable because this process is done on the less pure gems.

As well carat they play a major role in determining the value of a sapphire. However, as with all gemstones, it is best to bet on quality rather than quantity. A small but pure and shiny specimen is worth more than a larger one without these requirements.

How to buy a sapphire

Sapphire jewel ring

Buying a sapphire is not only the moment when you make a gift that will certainly not go unnoticed, but it is also a great investment. Its resistance, its beauty that defies all fashion make it an object that acquires more and more value over time.

Of course, for such a precious object, there are precise evaluation criteria that unequivocally determine its value. Each gem has a certificate which shows all its characteristics and the value that has been officially attributed to it.

It is therefore good, at the time of purchase, to ask to be able see docs regarding the sapphire we are about to purchase.

You should know that almost all sapphires can be thermal treatment in order to improve its color but this trick is not considered as an action that can devalue the stone.

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