Ruby: a rare and precious stone

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Our journey among precious stones continues, this time the chosen gem is ruby, a beautiful stone, with a flamboyant and typical shine. Red, a rare and very precious stone, so much so that it is chosen and purchased by those who want to invest their money in jewelry. From a chemical point of view, ruby is a Corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide which, due to the presence of chromium, takes on its typical color bright red. After the diamond, the ruby is the most stone difficult of all the others and is among the most precious.

ruby and diamond jewelry

Although a stone that has been known since ancient times, it has often been confused with others that have a similar color but are of lesser value. Thus, some gems set in precious and famous jewelry, which for long centuries have been considered ruby crystals, in recent years, with new technologies, have been downgraded to less precious and rare minerals such as garnets and joints. Moreover, in 1950 and perhaps as early as the 19th century, gods were created synthetic rubiestherefore, it is very difficult for non-experts to distinguish a real, valuable ruby from a fake.

Myths and legends

Formerly, in India, legend has it that the sun god stole the blood of a demon named Bala whose powers were immeasurable and flew away through the sky. He wandered into the happy blue but the king of the island of Sri Lanka, Ravana, eaten up with envy, tried to stop him.

The sun god, out of fear, dropped Bala’s blood which fell into a body of water, at this time the shore was filled with rubies shining and shining like the sun. Thus was born this much sought-after stone.

The elders Greeks and Romans they believed that these gemstones, if subjected to high temperatures, became as bright and powerful as the sun and attributed to these magical and mysterious properties.

Another legend concerns Siegfriedthe hero of Germanic mythology who defeated the Nibelungen with a sword called Burgundi whose hilt was studded with rubies.

Ruby Curiosity

Ruby is the birthstone of month of July and has always symbolized the passion, love and romance precisely because of its red color.

In Burma this stone is set in talismans believed to protect against disease and misfortune in general.

Also for its brilliant ruby color, it gives itself the power to wear the happiness, joy, courageit gives you the power to improve the life force and energy.

It is even not recommended to wear it in case of fever because it is believed that bring warmth to the body.

Characteristics of ruby

ruby gem

Ruby is one of the precious stones more expensive. Especially if its color is a intense and pure red and for this reason its price often exceeds that of the diamond.

It’s a gem dichroic, this means that it can only have two colors: purple-red and orange-red. In any case, even the purest ruby always shows small color variations. If it has 80% pure red, it will be graded with the initials AAA. The rest of the stone, the one with the inclusions, will have small amounts of orange, pink and purple.

Sometimes rubies have small inclusions called “silk” which have the ability to diffuse light in a softer way, increasing its beauty and value.

Today it is very difficult to find a ruby without visible inclusions, which is why pure rubies and large carats have an inestimable price.

Variety of rubies

Among the most precious rubies, we remember the Tanzania, Classified AAA, a rare and very pure stone, highly sought after and valued. There are specimens of small carats.

Precious and highly sought after are also those who come from Burma.

A less expensive variety is the ruby del Madagascar which has delicate “silk” inclusions that enhance its beauty. Rubies can also have a star effect (asterism) or the cat’s eye effect (attitude). In this case, the stone is cut in cabochons (convex and non-faceted shape) which reinforces these characteristics.

Ruby: origin

ruby jewel

The oldest mines are located at Sri Lanka and in Burma but today other nations have mining bases. It’s theAfghanistanof Cambodiaof China, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

In conclusion, the purchase of a ruby is always very advantageous, wearing it gives it character and personality and represents an excellent investment because it does not undergo devaluations.

But beware of counterfeits and less valuable stones, as usual trust our trusted jeweler, especially when it comes to a significant expense. When we want to give an object that demonstrates the our love and it doesn’t matter if it’s our partner, son, grandson. A jewel is for everyone and forever.

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