NINFA: the Italian NFT marketplace for art, fashion and design

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The second international meeting of the Italian start-up was held in New York NINFA, a marketplace designed for the creation and sale of NFTs related to art, fashion and design.

What is NINFA, the Italian NFT buying and selling platform

A few months – NINFA was born in Milan from the idea of Brando Bonaretti, Pietro Barbini, Carlo Borloni And Cosimo de’ Medicifour professionals linked by a passion for cryptocurrencies, virtual worlds and art – since its launch, it has landed in New York to present its first show popup window and to participate in NFT NYC, the most important international event dedicated to non-fungible tokens.

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NINFA is offered as a unique technological and commercial solution, where to create, promote, sell and buy NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and bring together people, collectors, art galleries, creators and brands, through a platform that selects, creates and offers digital objects to an increasingly demanding community of collectors. The place where you can enrich your digital identity, in a simple and immediate way.

A young project, born in Milan and online since April 2022, which in just two months managed to involve more than 90 creators – among the most important on the international scene – selected according to the criteria and philosophy of NINFA and its partners, for a total, to date, of more than 100 works.

NINFA is offered as a point of reference for those who want to land in the world of the Metaverse.

Collectors but also more simply people, with the desire to enrich their digital identity. An offer of refined and unique items, flanked by a practical and immediate customer experience, the one present on this new market place. This allows national and international artists and brands to create works or capsule collections designed ad hoc, even in limited editions, of cryptoart, metaverse fashion or 3D digital design.

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