Mono earring: how and why to choose it and which models

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Can we say that today, in the era of Instagram and social networks, appearance has ceased to be so? Our way of presenting ourselves, our look, our outfit are indeed called upon to reflect who we are, our personality and our way of life. Just do a little research on the web to find tutorials on tutorials to choose the hairstyle or the garment that best suits us and our style. There is, however, a trend which, having appeared a few years ago, is today consolidated as stable in the accessories panorama: that of the single earring.

Single earring mode

Choosing a mono earring is only wear oneor wear one that is different from all the others. It is a common choice especially when one has more than one lobe holeor for a helix piercing. We thus obtain an asymmetrical element, which is precisely highlighted in the general context: it is therefore a perfect way to bring out a detail.

But how do you choose the single earring that suits you best? There are certain elements that it is indeed good to take into consideration. Certainly, one of the factors is economic, but it is not the only one; certain shapes adapt better to our face, as well as certain colors – without forgetting the choice of materials, which is very important to avoid any allergy.

Which mono earring to choose according to the face:

In reality, this question is valid for all accessories, in particular earrings. Indeed, some of them will highlight your natural features, while with others you will see yourself less well. And while the best way to choose is definitely to try and see for yourself if we like it, there are some general tips we can consider.

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Who has a face tending towards a round shape, and therefore perhaps softer than other faces, it would be good to wear models that illuminate the face, perhaps with sinuous shapes that make the lines of the faces appear more paraded. Green light then to mono dangle earringsperhaps combined with a small light point in the other.

If, on the contrary, you have a square face, therefore with more marked features, it is better to focus on single hoop earrings. Not only will these help you smooth out the roughness, but they will also give harmony and balance.

single earring

Hoop earrings also highly recommended for those with a oval shaped face, although those who fall into this type of face can effectively exploit any type of earring with success. For those who have a long facethe advice is to dare: perhaps original shapes associated with diamonds, but also generously sized earrings.

Mono Earring Prices

Mono earring detail 1

Let’s have a joke: since this is a unique earring, the good news is that you just have to buy one! Precisely for this reason, however, it is precisely a special detail, capable of giving refinement and elegance to the face. In short, it’s worth putting yourself in the perspective of spending perhaps a little more than you like. The most expensive models are certainly those of goldwhich as always, however, have great value especially in relation to metal and therefore always remain a valid investment, if you have the availability to be able to spend a little more.

It is difficult, in fact, to give an estimate in advance of the price, which with gold is subject to many variations. The first is that of mass – that is, the amount of gold your earring is made from – which changes from model to model and can drive up the price. Then there is a discussion that must also be made about the quality of gold: except for pure gold, i.e. 24 carats (generally not used for reasons of excessive softness when working, the most used are 18 and 14 carats. This means that a large part of the jewel is gold (18 or 14 parts pure gold) and the remaining parts are other metals which are used, in fact, for ease of processing, resistance, etc. gold.

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In these cases, however, it is always good to also think about our relationship with allergies and the discomfort in the relationship with metals. In particular, it is always good to avoid earrings that contain other amounts of nickel in their composition. Nickel is a silver metal that can cause allergic reactions, when they are more simply annoying and when they are quite serious.

Simple titanium earrings and money

However, there are very valid alternatives, cheaper than buying gold jewelry. The first is to take a gold plated mono earrings. They are not allergic to the skin and are very trendy. The only problem is that sweat or friction can lead to loss of the plating in the long run. Additionally, the skin will eventually come into direct contact with the underlying metal.

But if you are looking for something different, you can opt for a single titanium earring. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s generally very durable and doesn’t create allergies. The other advantage is that it is easy to color. A variant similar to titanium in the field of accessories, although a little less known and resistant, is the nobio. In this case the advantage is economic!

Last of our recommendations single earring in silver. Although it is a precious metal – and a very respectable one, I might add – it is generally less expensive than gold.

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