Martina Romeo’s jewelry for the home and contemporary style

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We are here with a very dear friend of ours, Martina Romeo. Martina is an interior designer specializing in contemporary style operating in Catania and online, very good at making the spaces of each home unique. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, he began numerous collaborations, both with entities such as Legambiente and with artists. We chose to talk with her about jewelry for the home, unique solutions to integrate into our furniture.

Furnishing is expressing your personality through your home. It’s not just about making your spaces functional, although that’s just as important. Being able to get both things done at the same time is what it is makes our house unique. Create your own style, furnish it as you wish and at the same time keep our house functional and livable.

But what if we want to make everything even more beautiful, maybe using that old clock or grandma’s silverware without having it unnecessarily gathering dust, but improving the whole thing?

“Hello Martine, how are you? Can you tell us how your passion for this job was born?”

“Hi Livio and hello to all readers, thank you for inviting me. I’m very well and you ? Talking about my passion is like talking about me. It all started when I was a kid, I found magazines Mom collected around the house; I owe him the passion for furniture. But I’m not only passionate about design: I also love photography, art, cinema, music.”

“Martina, we all have grandma’s silverware at home that ends up being just a piece to clean, or that mirror that we don’t know how to use. You who know all the secrets of the house, can you tell us how it is possible to make your interior more captivating with jewelry?

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“To make a home environment more attractive, in reality, it takes very little. The advice I like to give is to combine several objects and put a particular one in the middle, such that it is emphasized more than it should. For example, among many vases of the same color, think of a vase of a different and bright color!”

“But if we have antique jewelry, how can we combine it with a modern style, or maybe even a contemporary style?”

jewelry for the home silverware

“To associate an old jewel with a style that speaks of our time, such as the contemporary style, all you need is a sideboard or an empty pocket and to place a clock, for example, near the piece of furniture; without therefore hanging the clock, putting it on the surface, letting it slide a little and that’s it.”

“But, in your opinion, where is the right place to display a vase or a mirror?”

contemporary home jewelry

“To place a mirror or a vase, it is enough to place the whole in front of a window, so the light which enters will be detached from the object.”

We thank Martina for her valuable suggestions. And if now you no longer want to display your silverware, don’t forget to clean it properly, perhaps following the advice of our guide.

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