Latex mattresses: what benefits do they offer for rest

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Choose a voucher the mattress it is essential to take advantage of a rest system capable of ensuring adequate comfort; Sleeping “well”, in fact, is much more important than sleeping “a lot”. Only quality rest can fully recover the many physical and mental energies spent during the day due to work, study and other activities. For this reason, choosing the mattress that best suits your needs and resting habits is very important; from this point of view, one of the best solutions – from the point of view of quality and “performance” – is represented by supports in latexdue to their specific characteristics.

What is latex

Often also called latexthe latex it is a natural material obtained from the bark of certain tropical plants (the best quality is obtained from Hevea Brasiliensis). It comes in the form of a whitish solution with a milky consistency, which is used both for the production of natural rubber and for other industrial processes. But today, the term “latex” also designates polymers of synthetic origin, of the rubbery or elastomeric type. The natural latex it is made up of about two-thirds water and just over one-third rubber polymer; otherwise, it includes sugars, amino acids, mineral salts and some carbohydrates.

The sleeping pill industry does not properly use latex in its natural form; Latex foam is used for the production of slabs, that is, the filling of mattresses and pillows, a material obtained from a manufacturing process that involves the vulcanization of the raw material and its drying ulterior.

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Properties of latex mattresses

As already mentioned, latex (or rather latex foam) is widely used in industry to produce the bulk of mattress filling. Supports made with this material offer very high performance in terms of comfort. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people decide to buy a product of this type, not only opting for traditional sales channels but also turning to the e-commerce sector, such as inmaterassi.itto buy mattress online or to find information on the products that interest them.

Latex is able to deform in such a way as to adapt perfectly to the ergonomic profile of the back, hips and shoulders. Therefore, it offers a adequate support for all body structures, promoting rest and avoiding many problems related to incorrect pose during rest. For this reason, latex mattresses are particularly suitable for those who are used to sleeping on their side or in a lying position.

Also, latex mattresses are quite soft; however, not all models are characterized by the same degree of firmness. Depending on the number of holes, the sheets can be more or less flexible, adapting to the build of the person using the mattress and, therefore, also to resting habits.

There is another aspect in favor of latex mattresses: the thermoregulatory capacity. Specifically, they are cooler in the summer than other materials because they have exceptional breathable properties and do not retain moisture. The natural latex supports are also hypoallergenic and anti-mite, and therefore particularly suitable also for people with allergies. They represent a preferred option over those made of synthetic latex, although they have a higher average cost.

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The main contraindication of this material is its tendency to deform over time, although it is very resistant (it can be used for at least ten years). To remedy this problem, it is advisable to periodically turn the mattress and, from time to time, reverse the head-to-toe position.

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