Jewelry summer 2022 the latest trends

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May has just ended and overnight we woke up and found ourselves ditching our jackets in favor of light, colorful clothes, shorts and tank tops. Just as our outfits are getting lighter to welcome summer and its lightness, our jewelry for summer 2022 is also changing and taking on colors.

We store accessories with dark stones and welcome to unusual shapeshearts, butterflies and bright colors in pop colors.

The summer season brings with it hope and good humor, the summer holidays at the end of the school year, the well-deserved week off that we have been waiting for all year. The trip we have booked, the museums to see, the place where we will meet the person we love, the loud music, the evenings with friends or simply the sea, the sun and the sound of the waves.

Gold, big, maxi and an explosion of colors

The protagonist of this summer 2022 could only be gold, the noble metal, which has always been linked to the sun.

The jewelry in gold are a symbol of elegance and luxury. They are perfect for summer evenings and to bring out the tan, in addition to being a timeless trend.

It is thus found in thin necklaces to layer and mix for chic or sporty effects. Or in maxi chain necklaces for an impactful accessory, to wear with a total black dress for a super elegant effect.

Can’t miss the banglesstrictly maxflexible or rigid, with warp weaves and with dimensions and decorations made to be noticed.

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jewelry 2022 bangles

To be worn as a stand-alone version that concentrates attention for a more sophisticated effect or with more bracelets to group together if you like to be daring.

A well-chosen model is enough to transform a casual look into a glamorous and impactful look.

Earrings are confirmed as arrogant hoopsimple or sequined, they are beautiful and romantic.

Hoop earrings

Or in the must-have shape of the season, gold mixed with a colored resin cast, for a casual and trendy look.

Reds, greens, yellows and blues, it’s the season for bright, retro colors reminiscent of the 80s and pop culture.

Summer 2022 jewelry with shapes and colors

It’s no mystery that the past few years have marked a big throwback to the 1980s. Between catwalk looks or those inspired by shows like Stranger Things and Sexual Education, it’s not just the exuberant colors that catch our attention.

For this season, the starting point is a irregular and asymmetrical shapesalternative materials, themes drawn from nature and, to better promote pop culture, pendants inspired by games.

Triangular, round necklaces or earrings that look like a funny squiggle, asymmetrical necklaces with more particular weaves.

Materials and colors find a meeting point in chain bracelets with rings alternating between gold and colored resin with warm palettes to enhance the tortoiseshell effect tan or in earth tones.

Thus one finds jewels in resin or acetate, enamelledcompact or in force rubbery molding with vibrant colors. Then, elements drawn from the urban style, embellished and highlighted, appear among the decorative subjects.

We find it like this gears clock, padlock, carabiners and springs in precious metals and pavé-set rhinestones or even original earrings in the shape of a siphon.

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Summer 2022 jewelry: hearts, butterflies and children’s games

heart jewelry

In summer, the emblematic season of new loves, pendants and jewels in the shape of could not miss heart.

Go on scarf with a classic small rounded heart, for a romantic date in the moonlight, up to the chain necklace with an imposing maxi heart set with diamonds for disco fun.

Even the hearts indulge in the more casual and curious style and take the shape of a quick heart drawn in pen like a dedication in a friend’s journal.

The jewels with the protagonists then bring back the emotions of our innocence butterflies.

We see them appear in necklaces and bracelets, small and in swarms, light and colorful or with silver beads for a more chic look.

Larger and enhanced with colorful sequins in rings that give the impression that a solitary butterfly has chosen our hand to rest for a moment before resuming its flight.

But the real particularity of this summer will be the jewels with shapes drawn from our childhood.

A fun and fashionable detail capable of ironically transporting us to more carefree times.

We find such precious bracelets with pretty colored beads, gummy candies which become Plexiglas rings, charms inspired by baby games and necklaces with pendants in the shape of of Where safety pins.

Whatever the occasion or outfit, it’s time to shine.

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