Jewelery for Valentine’s Day: which one to give?

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Valentine’s Day is approaching and everyone is already wondering what to give their partner on the day dedicated to love. A thousand and a thousand other ideas are given to us by advertising, and a thousand other doubts haunt us: we will be able to instil special emotions? We will succeed to surprise him? To make her happy? We will know how to make this unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2022? There is an age-old answer to this question and choose the right jewelry for Valentine’s Day. In fact, we all like to feel special and there’s no better day for our partner to feel special.

Why offer a jewel for Valentine’s Day?

It doesn’t matter if even last year we gave a piece of jewelry, small or large, every woman likes to adorn herself with precious objects, and if she has a few more, so much the better, she combines them with her clothes, makes- up, hairstyle, shows them off with pride, especially if they were given to her by the person she loves. In jewelry there are new and wide proposals, the important thing is to choose, for this occasion, a jewel that can recall your love story or that it represents, even in a detail, a message for your loved one.

The jewel offered as a gift for Valentine’s Day becomes a symbol that expresses your feeling, a precious symbol which will remain for life.

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Valentine’s Day is not only dedicated to young couples, to lovers who have recently experienced this magic, but it is also dedicated to couples who have been living together for years, to mature couples.

Especially for the latter it is very important “Listen to it again”, to receive another jewel linked to their love, like in the good old days, to relive the sweetness of the first moments together, of the first exciting and sweet words, of the first days of Valentine’s Day when everything seemed to be dreaming.

So let’s look at what to choose for this date, remembering that it’s not the amount we’re going to spend to show him how much we love him but the thought, especially if linked to a memory or a message just for her.

Jewelery for Valentine’s Day: earrings

If the person we love has a temper romantic we choose gods heart shaped pendants, in silver or gold, enamelled with colored colors according to new trends or with combinations of white, pink and red gold.

We know pendants are the hottest and trendiest earrings.

For a older woman or with a more classic or retro style, we choose the timeless ones earringsplain or with small diamonds or gli hoop earrings so fashionable in recent years.

heart earrings

Valentine’s Day jewelry: bracelets and pendants

All women like to wear one or more bracelets and they often associate them with gods pendants and therefore, if the bracelet already has it, a pendant that, with its little jingle, reminds him of our love, a new pendant that can enrich the bracelet with new emotions.

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With the pendants, our imagination can go to countless ideas: from the pendant that represents your puppy to the one that recalls the sport that follows or a hobby or a memory of times spent together.

Personalized bracelets from are always interesting nameplates that they report at your house to remember, initials or phrases and symbols that reflect the love story.

heart bracelet

Valentine’s Day jewellery: the necklace

If you choose to give a necklace as a gift, the range of offers is really wide. From small silver thread with hanging a small jeweled heart, with a solid chain, symbol of a strong and lasting bond over time the proposals offered by the jewelry store they are truly innumerable and can satisfy everyone’s economic and sentimental needs.

The particular pendant is that Frame, a pendant that evokes times past when, instead of the photo, there was a portrait or a lock of hair.

Today these jewels are small, light, often engraved with dates, symbols, and are the novelty of this Valentine’s Day.


The ring has always been the symbol of bond of love.

For a woman to receive a ring on Valentine’s Day is to receive one of the most welcome gifts, the most symbolic and as precious as it is, the important thing is that it is a ring.

If we want to give her a trendy ring, let’s choose one enamelled or with new, shiny and colored materials.

The key ring

Even the key ring can be an object that evokes feelings of love, especially if you choose one with two hooks and a pendant. “broken” which is recomposed, fits together, with that of the partner.

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So hurry to choose our gift, only in this way we will avoid the chaos of the last days and we will always find all the wide range of offers that our jeweler offers us and, if you think about it, we accompany our gift to a rose, red of course!

Happy Valentine day.

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