In the end, I liked the beauty experience that I didn’t want to have

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I went to Permanent space for a hand spa ritual that I didn’t really want to do, but that I liked in the end and that today I can’t live without.

During the ritual I took the opportunity to ask some questions to Margherita Fresilli, Beauty Expert / Content Creator of Permano: here is our cat.

What type of service does Permano offer? It is a hand spa ritual, so not a ritual dedicated to the mind and spirit, but a ritual exclusively focused on the hands.

Why should a person choose this type of ritual? Because the skin is the largest organ of our body: we care a lot about our face doing skin care and we care about our body, using creams, oils, scrubs, while the hands , on the other hand, are often left alone. The truth, however, is that hands are the first to show the signs of time and aging.

permano ritual hand spa hand treatment for men and women via tadino milano

Does this apply to both men and women? It’s true, there is no difference. The idea of ​​having a gendered skincare routine is something related to marketing: the skin is unique and there is no difference between men and women. We should care about the type of skin we have, which has nothing to do with our biological sex.

How does the Permano treatment work? We take care of the hands from the cleaning, or the way we wash our hands, using a solid soap (which is vegan) based on squalane and mango butter, which are lipids very similar to those that our skin product, so they restructure the skin barrier, from the moment of cleansing. The perfume is a scent of Mediterranean maquis, very fresh and with a touch of sweetness. Once the hands are rinsed, they are not rubbed with a towel, but rather by dabbing, to retain the essential oils present inside the soap.

After washing your hands is it always wrong to rub them dry or just if you use your own products? The towel creates micro-dermabrasions, so in case of dry or very dry hands it is always better to pat and not to rub. In the case of using our soap, on the other hand, it is dabbed to retain the moisturizing part of the soap.

permano ritual hand spa hand treatment for men and women via tadino milano

How is the treatment then? After washing your hands we move on to exfoliation: we massage a fluid containing particles that carry out a very light abrasion, created on purpose to eliminate dirt, pollution, dead cells, product accumulation; this serves to promote cell renewal, making the skin brighter and making it thinner and more even, as well as being more able to absorb the products that we are going to apply in the next steps. This treatment should be done once a day, either in the morning or in the evening. These are treatments that we particularly recommend to craftsmen, and to those who work a lot with their hands.

After the exfoliation, how is the treatment going? They rinse their hands, always dabbing to wipe them. At this stage, you already begin to perceive a feeling of lightness and softness in the hands, which are also less swollen. After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, the hands can perfectly absorb the moisturizer: we have designed four different ones, a kind of capsule wardrobe, a real wardrobe that you should own entirely, managing to combine the products at the course of the day as needed. skin. After the moisturizer, the hand care is finished.

permano ritual hand spa hand treatment for men and women via tadino milano

What’s going on inside the store? Do you sell the products or do you also do the treatments? It’s called Spazio Permano and not a store, because the main idea was to have an offline location, although we have more than 100 stores in Italy and Europe, perfect for spreading our story. It is also an important space to create moments of sharing. For this there is this central table of sharing and union with our community. In addition to selling and getting to know the products, we also have a calendar here: every month or every 2 months we organize events dedicated to handmade. For the Salone del mobile 2022 we welcomed the installations of Uros who works a lot in the world of fashion and who created the logo with the stylized Permano P for us. We liked the idea of ​​origami, beautiful because it starts from the idea of ​​folding a square sheet: the folding is the same, but no one will ever do this folding in the same way. It is something of proportions and geometries, a bit like our shop.

Do you also sell online? Yes of course this is a digital native brand and until the first store opened we only sold onlineine.

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permano ritual hand spa hand treatment for men and women via tadino milano

There are so many hand care products on the market. How to differentiate yourself? Why should people choose Permano products and not others? There are several reasons: in our opinion first of all there is no line on the market entirely dedicated to the hands which uses ingredients of our level, which are generally found in the world of skin care for the face. In our opinion, no one cares for their hands like they care for their face and with the same products. The creams on the market are often simple moisturizers and do not contain our ingredients. Those of Permano are real treatments. Another reason to choose Permano is that our brand makes sustainability not a market and storytelling advantage, but an intrinsic fundamental component: sustainability is a ratio that accompanies us throughout the process, from design to the production of the finished product. All packaging is made of aluminum (the only material that can be recycled indefinitely) and all our formulas are super concentrated, which is why you only need to use a little product to obtain the result, while wasting less water.

Can you tell me exactly when the idea for this brand was born? During the pandemic. We were a bit all around, not at the same geographical point. With the pandemic, we realized that we had to disinfect our hands and that people were doing this operation using the most diverse products and their hands would suffer. We therefore thought of an alternative that respects the skin but also the environment. This is where the disinfectants that were our first product were born. Then, from this idea of ​​respect for hands, all the other products were born.

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