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Some remove doubts, like wedding rings, others bring them. Deciding which ring to wear or where to wear a ring may seem unimportant, but in reality, it is very important. The wrong ring may make our hand look clumsier or the wrong stone may not improve our complexion. For this, we have collected some simple, practical and useful tips for wearing the rings and getting the most out of your hands and the jewel you have chosen for them!

Clearly, there is no absolute law on the subject: everything is subjective and you can choose to wear something for the very valid fact that you like it! But rings are among the most suggestive and fascinating accessories. Learning a few more secrets can really mean the difference between an everyday outfit and one that’s completely out of the ordinary!

Shape of the hand and shape of the jewel

Women's ring how to wear it

The first point to look at is certainly the shape of our hand, as well as the shape of the jewel. As we said, the wrong link can highlight our flaws or (even worse!) point out new ones. First, pay attention to the proportion between the shape of our fingers and the ring that we are evaluating.

Let’s start with how to avoid the most common mistakes: if you have any small hands the most suitable ringtone for you is definitely not the broadband one. Especially if you have the short fingers, this will make them even smaller and create an unsightly squat effect. It is also absolutely not recommended to wear several rings on the same finger! If this is your hand shape, the best type of ring for you is one with (small) bands, like bands. But beware, discretion is important!

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If you have a small hand with slender fingers green light for rings of discreet but not elongated shape: have fun with the rings, rings included.

If you have instead long fingers you can favor rings that have an elongated shape, which will reinforce this aspect. Indeed, if you want to make them appear even longer, you can choose rings that have a diagonal or asymmetrical frame. However, prefer tapered shapes, which do not weigh down the whole thing too much.

If you have instead big hands you can afford rings that are not otherwise recommended, namely the so-called maxi rings! But you also don’t want to weigh it down here – and possibly make your hand look bigger than it actually is.

Your problem is rather the hands in the flesh? Without fear. Just avoid rings with bands that are too thin (like classic bands) or the river. The risk is that there is too much disproportion and therefore they highlight the softness of the hand.

In which hand to wear the rings?

Women's ring

With the exception of specific rings, like the wedding band, there are no specific rules for choosing the hand. We often tend to favor symbologyaccording to a criterion already applied to the lobes of the brain.

According to this reasoning, the right hand it would be the logical and the rational between the two. Those who wear rings in this hand are down-to-earth and pragmatic people, willing to show their less emotional side to others.

On the contrary, the left hand it would be that of emotivity and sensations. People who wear rings on the left are full of creativity, imagination and tend to be incurable dreamers.

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And who wears them at a time? Well, in this case, the person must be very confident and have great qualities.

Tips for wearing rings

You have already heard the first tip many times: rings enhance the hands, especially if they are shiny. If you don’t have manicured hands, avoid attracting attention on yours!

Other advice that you may have heard a little less: clean and maintain your rings. The hands are one of the most exposed places ever. They touch a bit of everything, sweat often, come into contact with many substances that can stain, smack or hit surfaces. It’s not hard to imagine how what goes for our hands also goes for our rings! So, before wearing them, be sure to do a thorough maintenance.

Absolutely It is also not recommended to wear rings if manual work is required. In addition to risking damage to the jewelry itself, we may also risk losing it – or worse, injuring ourselves. In this case, it is better to leave everything in our jewelry box!

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