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Faced with a disability, it can become really complicated, if not impossible, to accomplish in a safe and simple way many everyday actions that until then have been taken for granted. Among these there is undoubtedly going up and down the stairs of the house. Those who find themselves in this situation know it well, where resorting to the help of a person becomes an obligatory choice. However, technology has rushed to the aid of anyone in need with the invention of stairlifts. The stairlift for the disabled is nothing more than a system that must be applied to existing stairs, without modifying them structurally, and which therefore allows going up and down them in a really simple and intuitive way.

Specifically, it is a rail placed on the outside wall of the staircase on which a seat is installed and which, thanks to the use of current, is able to go up and down, following the staircase itself and allowing you to reach the upper floors in total autonomy. This last point is guaranteed by simple commands allowing you to do everything yourself without risking falling or making mistakes in the management of the commands themselves. In short, the stairlift is nothing more than a very useful aid for all those who face a disability, allowing them to regain some of that autonomy which is good for their mood and their self-esteem. self. As we will see shortly, Otolift offers different models of stairlifts suitable for all needs so that they can be installed in any type of staircase and their conformation.

How much can a disabled stairlift cost?

Outlift offers, as mentioned, different types of stairlifts, all united by the quality of construction that is reflected in an absolutely safe and resistant product, able to last without problems or breakage for many uses over time. An even more interesting factor is the availability of new but also used stairlifts, so that you can save something while having a product of the highest quality and subject to preliminary checks.

Whatever the configuration of the staircase on which it must be affixed, the stairlift will be made to measure: it is therefore not a standardized product that requires adaptations, but on the contrary will faithfully follow the trend of the staircase. . Therefore, having a staircase with the presence of curves, angles or straight lines is absolutely not a problem since a solution will be studied regardless of its conformation. It is therefore difficult to define the prices of stairlifts, as they depend on many factors, and not only on the specific model chosen.

However, it is possible to fill in a short form on the site indicating the various basic information on the need for the floors to be reached by the stairlift and on the conformation of the staircase in order to receive an approximate estimate of the possible cost of the lift. stairlift. In any case, it is always possible to request a free consultation from a manager who will examine the specific case without obligation and draw up an estimate based on your preferences and needs. The models available are Modul-Air, Two and Line. Modul-Air is a single-track stairlift which, thanks to its installation, allows the handrail to be kept in its place and adapts perfectly to any type of staircase. The Two model, on the other hand, is characterized by maximum adherence to the wall and is therefore indicated in situations of rather narrow stairs; it is equipped with a double track with a reduced section in order to maximize space without sacrificing strength. Finally Line is the specific stairlift for straight stairs.

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