Fratelli Rossetti and the super capsule with Johannes Huebl

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High class and a decidedly cosmopolitan way of doing things Johannes Huebl. Or to be more precise, this handsome man transmits – in the eyes of those who follow him and perhaps more than anyone influencer (inspired by the title of the book-biography of the legendary Elsa Maxwell) – that of hers have married” the world is watching its full and clear attitude live at home everywhere on the fashion planet and… no.

And in his case having “married the world” it also means that digital where on Instagram for example he is followed by 1 million followers.

Today in New York, then in Milan, then in Gstaad and then in Capri…. the German model and husband of Olivia Palermo (also an icon of this elegance high level and modern classic) meets one day during Milan Fashion Week i Rossetti Brothers… or rather Luca, Dario and Diego.

And the meeting between them is really special because for the season spring summer 2022A special was born in collaboration with the brand that is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world capsules available today only in store Rossetti Brothers of Milano, Brussels, New York as well as on tope-commerce of the House.

fruit of this Partnership is the new reinterpretation of the ankle boot from the “Summer”a fair compromise between craftsmanship Rossetti Brothers and the style of Johannes Huebl.

Versatile, lightweight and flexible, the model is reinvented in a whole new way through a capsules that is made of five shoes offered in different original and contemporary colours: terracotta, burgundy, vicuña, navy blue and camel and where Johannes’ signature is engraved on the leather sole, an indelible and identifying symbol of the limited edition.

Project Johannes Huebl

I met this week Johannes Huebl for Focus On.

How the capsules collection with the Rossetti brothers? Can you tell me more about the project? Years ago when I met the Rossetti Brothers I told them about my love for one of their most iconic shoes, showed them a picture of what it was and that’s what model that we have now relaunched together. I’m glad they liked the idea and decided to re-release it with my collaboration and in a variety of colors.

What do your style have in common with that of the Rossetti brothers? We both appreciate great quality and a clean, casual design. The leather jackets, for example, are so soft and comfortable, one in particular has been my favorite for years…maybe I’ll do a little capsule later (smile).

Why did he choose this shoe for the capsules collection? What characteristics attracted you to this model? I’ve always loved the desert boot style and haven’t seen anything like it on the market at least not as stylish and versatile as this model I just wore in burgundy with a pretty dark green dress…. and it is very elegant.

Rossetti Brothers_Johannes Huebl

You and your wife Olivia Palermo are very popular on social networks. What do you think are the traits of your style that made you famous as a fashion icon? I would most likely say my love for matching tailored clothes while making them look – at the same time – stylish and casual. My wife, on the other hand, is a chameleon and looks fabulous in everything she wears, she tops my list of best dressed in the world and – even after 15 years – I never get tired of whatever she chooses to wear.

The fashion industry is constantly changing, especially in recent years, with the creation of social media, the digital world, etc. In light of these facts, do you think influencers are slowly replacing fashion magazines in creating seasonal trends, especially when it comes to the younger generation? The knowledge that fashion editors and journalists have comes from experience, training, seeing collections for many years, talking to designers…and it won’t be easily replaced. Some pre-social media writers or experts, like my wife (Johannes Huebl is Olivia Palermo’s husband) or Giovanna Battaglia and all the industry professionals (women and men) who were there before Instagram took off, now use their channels to inspire their audience even better, they just do it on a bigger level. Younger influencers also influence their audience…so I would say the system works for everyone.

The last question. What are your next projects ? I’m still working on a next project. However, I will tell you personally in Milan these days dedicated to men’s collections.

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