Franco Baresi enters the Metaverse with Apeiron and launches his NFT project

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We met Franco Baresi, legend of AC Milan and historic captain of the Italian national vice-world champion in the USA94, who told us about his project in the Metaverse.

Interview with Franco Baresi: Milanese legend and historic captain of the Italian national team.

Why did you decide to enter the NFT sector? My entry into the world of NFTs is the natural evolution of a great communication project, which was born with my autobiography Libero di Sognare and then developed with the documentary film shot in Brazil Facing Fate, up to Values, the NFT collection that I created with the artist Panenous to communicate the universal values I believe in. The connection between these projects is the desire to inspire positive change in those going through a difficult time in their lives.

Franco Baresi
Franco Baresi

How can NFTs support your social projects? I don’t want to limit myself to passing on a positive message, but I also want to support a concrete change in the real lives of as many people as possible. For this reason, part of the proceeds from the sale of NFT works will go directly to financing From Milan to the World, a magnificent project of the Milan Foundation, which helps young people in difficulty not only in Milan, but also in Nairobi, Calcutta, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Melbourne.

Franco Baresi

What do you think of football club token fans? Fan Tokens are a first step towards direct fan involvement with the home club. There are many future developments and I think the mutual appreciation of these initiatives will dictate the line between the club and the fans.

Imagine one day the possibility of bringing the world of football closer to that of NFT (perhaps to buy a footballer?) I think so, although today it is difficult to imagine when this could happen, since several legal aspects will first have to be regulated. Of course, the metaverse will give many people the opportunity to participate, albeit virtually, in sporting events, which are now closed for logistical reasons. An Indonesian fan, for example, will be able to watch a Milan Serie A match as if they were seated at the San Siro, but from home and at an affordable cost. It will obviously be a virtual experience but still more engaging than just watching the game on TV.

An off-topic question, but I have to ask: if Milan weren’t there, who would you like to win the Scudetto this year? If AC Milan wasn’t here, I’d invent them in the metaverse to get them to win the Scudetto.

To learn more about the NFT universe and Metaverse, we also spoke with Francesco Biacchi, CEO and co-founder of Apeiron Technologies.

Francesco Biacchi, CEO and co-founder Apeiron Technologies
Francesco Biacchi, CEO and co-founder Apeiron Technologies

How do you explain to a child what NFTs are? NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, explained in an extremely simple, synthetic and non-exhaustive way, are information recorded on Blockchain technology that certifies the ownership and uniqueness of a digital asset (such as an image, video, a song or even an Instagram post). NFTs are unique pieces: they cannot be reproduced or replaced.

And the metaverse? Are we talking about virtual reality or much more? The metaverse is certainly much more than just a virtual space. Undoubtedly, some of the most immediate uses, both for implementation and for simplicity of understanding, could be digital meeting places, where to organize exhibitions, fairs and events (for example, a concert, a art exhibition and even a wedding). But if we analyze the development that the technology has had in recent years, it becomes clear that the concept of metaverse that we now observe represents perhaps one percent of its true potential, destined to develop in the immediate future.

Why is it more and more talked about and what is the responsibility of Facebook’s role? The metaverse is not a new concept: there have been countless attempts, mainly in the gaming world (just think of the Second Life phenomenon) to anticipate the times by presenting “metaverses” conceptually very similar to this which was done today. Facebook represented what I call the “nuclear option” to the global adoption of the metaverse idea: by even changing the name of its company (from Facebook to Meta), the Zuckerberg company mapped out what represents the pivot and direction of web 3.0, that is to say a totally immersive and revolutionary reality. This clearly indicated the direction of the market, instantly spurring more and more companies, brands and celebrities to build digital infrastructures and services that were previously hard to imagine, and destined to radically change the web as we know it. know.

Besides art, which sectors can it concern and on which, on the contrary, will it be impossible to implement? It is very difficult to predict which sectors will be spared by this phenomenon: with the advent of the first e-commerce, no one would ever have bought a garment online, believing that not being able to try it on before is an insurmountable barrier: today Today, selling clothing online is one of the most profitable and growing industries in the world of e-commerce. We can therefore imagine an equally ubiquitous and radical entry into all sectors, as happened in the 2000s, but with even more efficient and cutting-edge tools.

When we talk about investments in these sectors, are we also talking about small savers? It should always be remembered that blockchain technology was born with the aim of making the concept of value transfer accessible to everyone. Small savers are therefore the first to benefit from the new potential offered.

How was your meeting with Franco Baresi and how was your project born? Franco Baresi’s project, promoted by Innomaco, a company that takes care of its image rights, was presented to us by Visionarylab and Merzel Communication, two realities that deal with marketing and communication also in digital, with which we are collaborating on several fronts. .
The meeting with Baresi represented a combination of the historic name par excellence of Italian football and modern technologies capable of improving and enhancing a message (represented by the values that led Franco to be the sportsman and the man he is ) now easily representable and ubiquitously scatterable. With his team and him in person, we studied the most appropriate ways to strengthen the fusion between art and sport that he had in mind when creating, with the digital artist Panenous, the seven works that have been transformed into NFT.

Franco Baresi

What is an NFT project of this type used for? The purpose behind this project of a character who has marked the history of football on an international scale is surely to inspire young people to be able to develop values in life that can accompany them over time. A way to convey certain ideals while leaving their mark. Franco Baresi’s social commitment is well known, so much so that part of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be donated to support certain initiatives of the Milan Foundation.

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