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When the days get longer, finally comes the time to think about summer outfits and devote yourself to the selection of clothes that will fill the wardrobe in the hot season. A temporary farewell to sweaters and tights gives way in the wardrobe and drawers to t-shirts, tank tops, long dresses that leave the back uncovered, sandals and extra chic mini dresses.

Sometimes it seems like a real challenge to combine excessive heat with an outfit that expresses style and attention to detail, but knowing the main fashion trends of the time, it is possible to add that detail to the look that is sure to attract attention. What to focus on to always be cool, even under the sun?

The new trends of 2022 for the summer season

During the summer style inspirations should never be lacking, to build a garment that reflects the personality of the wearer, without ever escaping the diktats of fashion. Some trends are decidedly welcome returns from the past, others are novelties that mingle with a touch of retro.

The return of the looper

Crochet clothes are the must-haves of summer 2022 and are present in all the fashion collections that can be seen on the catwalks of the big brands and in the windows of the most famous brands. From crocheted dresses to swimsuits made with these particular fabrics, typical crochet embroidery they are also found in fashion bags, hats and jewelry of the season. A style that goes perfectly with other raw materials that are characteristic of summer, such as linen, cotton or rope.

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1980s geometries and animal prints

Summer, as we know, is a period of colors, bright colors and looks that are a little more daring than usual. Green in all its forms, electric blue, coral, pink, yellow and red are all welcome shades among the summer dresses of 2022. But they are draws to be the master in the warmer months: 80s geometries are going wild on the catwalks and allowing fans of the decade to dust off the best anime looks typical of this period.

Even animal prints never really go out of style, because they constantly reinvent themselves according to the tastes of the public. Brindle, leopard or zebra fabrics continue undeterred to seduce you, summer after summer: strong, but chic if combined well.

Black and white: never out of time

In the middle of the typically summery strong hues, there are two colors that are persistent and which adapt to all stylesto every personality and every context, without ever appearing “out”: black and white are essential in a summer wardrobe, because they create a minimal but always elegant look, which from time to time becomes trendy, refined , sporty or casual.

There are those who prefer a total white or total black look or wear outfits that combine both proposals.
On the beach, you can opt for the timeless white bikini. Proposals from the new collection are recommended Miss Bikini which, thanks to the attention to detail, offers this year again a selection of swimsuits with decisive and iconic cuts, enhanced by the exclusive and elegant metal accessories characteristic of the brand.

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Never without fashion accessories: which summer bags to choose?

The most fashionable women’s bags of the spring-summer 2022 season are undoubtedly the mini models, which are now a real obsession for VIPs and influencers. Always on the same wavelength there is also the hobo bags cute sizes, which can be found in many summer collections of major fashion players or max buyermore comfortable for days at the beach.


Eco-leather bags are also becoming increasingly popular, especially if they are decorated with metal buckles and lettering reminiscent of the brand from which they are made. Another 2022 trend are bags with an architectural, square and decisive silhouette, which are inspired by furnishing accessories to give the look an unexpected touch.

But instead, what to take with you to the water’s edge?

Beach bags: what are the most glamorous models?

When carefully choosing your outfit for the summer, you must also devote time to the selection of accessories to take to the beach. Having already put in the cupboard or the suitcase a crochet costume and glamorous black and white dresses, why not top off the outfit with a glamorous accessory? The splendid beach bags offered by Miss Bikini are, in our opinion, an excellent choice among beach fashion brands thanks to a very extensive collection full of original stylistic choices. The selection offered by the brand ranges from colorful printsup to the most versatile models black and white with eternal charm.

Big, roomy, spacious, they are ideal to accommodate everything you need for the beach and also respect the dictates of fashion.

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