Face jewelry: the new trend for summer 2022

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Imagine finding something that combines your passion for makeup with your passion for jewelry. We are talking about a new trend, which has become depopulated everywhere, especially along the catwalks. It’s true, because the first to take advantage of it were the celebrities themselves. Let’s talk about face gems, or face jewels. But what are they and why are they so popular?

Face gems or face jewels: what is it?

Face Gems the new beauty trend for summer 2022

Initially, it was pearls, mined by Dior, but then everything started to grow. So off to rhinestones, crystals, sequins, all over the face, only on the eyebrows or camouflaged in makeup. Shiny and eye-catching, or discreet but fascinating. Small luminous details applied to the face. Rhinestones, beads, sequins for use on the skin, which give the face a glow of light. In fact, it’s a fashion that comes straight from the 90s, in which face jewelry gained popularity. From pop culture icons who rose to fame in the 90s, such as Gwen Stefani and Bjork, face jewels are seen on other red carpet darlings today, from Storm Reid to Amanda Gorman to Griff. Hunter Schafer and Ella Emhoff.

Today, they return to the front of the stage and conquer everyone, especially thanks to social networks. On instagram it is very easy to find many hashtags dedicated to the new trend and many influencers perpetuate this new fashion. These jewels are applied to the face using specific glues, or some directly provide a patina prepared for this on the back. Obviously, the products must be tested and of the highest quality to avoid unpleasant problems, such as skin or allergic reactions.

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Rhinestones, pearls and points of light on the face, but not for every day

Definitely not for everyday makeup, rhinestones, pearls and luminous dots on the face are dangers. They are applied mainly on the eyelids, along the lower edge or slightly scattered over the entire look. Sometimes just one is enough, for example in the inner corner of the eye, and that’s it.

For apply these decorations, there are two ways: for convenience, and when manual skills are lacking, you can choose adhesive rhinestones. Alternatively, you can use the false eyelash glue which has more grip and is also suitable for the face.

Face Gems: Born on the Catwalk, Worn on Social Media

Summer 2022 face gems

As we have seen, it was the catwalks that launched this fashion, especially those of haute couture. This indicates the return of pearls, which are not limited to being protagonists in the world of jewelry or as decorations on clothes but also to conquer makeup. A special feature of these jewelry details is that they can be applied singly or liberally: for a minimal look, two are enough, one on the inner corner of the eye and the other on the outer corner, while to capture all the summer light you need a little more, perhaps to illuminate a line of white eyeliner (more of the trendy season) on the upper eyelid.

On social media, it’s called #pearlcore and takes over Instagram and TikTok. In a world where make-up is becoming more and more important, contaminations with the world of jewelry are more and more avant-garde.

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