Emerald, a unique idea for Valentine’s Day

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Now that Valentine’s Day is near, in previous articles we have talked about various types of jewelry that represent possible gifts, many and likely to satisfy multiple needs. But if we want to give a precious object, of those that acquire a lot of value over time, of the unique ones that leave you speechless, of those that do not go unnoticed, we cannot help talking about one of the stones the most precious, a stone found in jewels made famous by history: lo emerald.

Emerald: a stone of unique value

Along with ruby, sapphire and diamond, emerald is one of the most sought after stones on the market for the rarity and enchantment of its color, its unique and inimitable green, in fact its very name derives from the Greek “smaragdos” which precisely means “green stone”.

Archaeological discoveries testify that the emerald ornament was already known 4000 years ago but over the centuries this jewel has always been embedded in the most precious objects. Crowns, mitres, necklaces highlight the enchanting emeralds of the museum’s display cases which dazzle visitors.

Emerald, composition

Emerald belongs to the family of berylliumelement present in nature in different aspects, especially with regard to color, the rarest and therefore most valuable variety is that characterized by chrome inclusions which give it its typical color Emerald.

This green color can vary from lighter to darker shades depending on the amount of chrome but if the inclusions are only vanadium, the stone is not a real emerald but only a “Green Beryl” and, of course, its value is absolutely not comparable to that of the emerald.

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What you need to know when buying an emerald

Emerald Jewel Ring

Of course, as always in these cases, advice should be sought from the trusted jeweler but, at the time of purchase, it is good to know, in general, what gives this stone a average quality, good or Awesome.

1-THE ORIGIN is an important requirement to determine the value of this gemstone. The most valuable emeralds come from Colombia but excellent are also those which are extracted in Brazil and in Zambia.

Emeralds Brazilians sport a green color awesome, with keys which often turn yellow and are very transparent because they have few inclusions. Some rarities show cat pose, an optical effect that is detected when a gemstone emits internal reflections.

Instead, emeralds that come from Colombia and Zambia are much richer in inclusions and therefore have a more decisive color.

Even the South Africa extracted from the emeralds that bear the name transvaal but their quality is not the best.

Instead, Zimbabwe has small but excellent quality gemstones.

The imperfections

Some emeralds have imperfections often due to natural inclusions, in this case you have to accept the gem as it is, its particularity makes it even more precious because it is unique.

If you try to remove inclusions with oils or similar products, the stone will be damaged without obtaining the desired result. other than opacifying the surface.

We have to watch youno emerald in natural and artificial light. The first emphasizes color and transparency, the second on imperfections.


Like all gemstones, the emerald needs a special cut which can improve the light, color and clarity, but cutting it is not easy because its hardness is opposed to processing and moreover inclusions often cause cleavage.

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Chopped off perfect is the rectangle “Step-cut” or emerald cut which allows the gem to shine with all its light, if on the contrary the size is not correct the surface of the precious stone appears opaque and the color dull.

The height

emerald jewel

Generally the size of emeralds reaches five carats, with these dimensions, the isolated or central gems are created. So pendants, solitaires or “centres” of other compositions, gems though very rare and valuable.

The smallest emerald stones0.2-0.5 carat, instead, they are used as an “accompaniment” to larger ones or put together to create unique and beautiful jewelry.


The color of emerald is clearly green. Shades and shades can be endless and are due to inclusions of iron, vanadium and chromium as well as its origin.

Generally the emeralds with the strongest colors are the most prized, the most sought after. One in particular said “Emerald Muzo” it is the one with the greatest market value.

In conclusion, the dimensions are not the only criterion to evaluate an emerald but you have to take into account all the factors we have talked about.

emerald ring

This information can help us when buying, but it will not make us an expert. We must therefore rely on our trusted jeweler especially when it comes to a important expense, when a jewel becomes the testimony of our love. youn value that time cannot scratch like the feeling we feel towards the loved one.

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