Dixpari lamps, between design, luxury and eco-sustainability: interview with Isabella Candelo

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dixpari, a new Italian design brand, brings originality to an industrial factory. Born from the idea of ​​the Candelo sisters, it is a circular economy project, which creates luxury mood lighting from the family business’s production scraps. And he winks at current events by launching a collection of lamps made with surgical masks.

From the meeting of creativity, entrepreneurial vision and circular economy, it was born tenbet brand of eco-sustainable luxury lamps. A project of green designsensitive to the theme of innovation and quality.

We met Isabelle CandeloFounder and Product Manager of the brand– at the Milan Salotto, which hosted an exhibition on March 30 dedicated to the selection of the most eco-responsible products from the entire collection, unique pieces born “from the recycling of recycling”, who mixes the industrial waste recyclable items such as plastic bottles, tar produced by machines or iron shavings from presses and finally masks.

dixpari eco-sustainable lamps

Isabelle told us about tenbeta spin-off of the family business, which deals with plastic components for large industry – che which he created with his sister Carolina. The two Genoese entrepreneurs have seen in the company processing waste a kaleidoscope of colors and transparencies, which they decided to transform into an eclectic collection of lampsunique and numbered pieces, offering a range of products luxury and eco-sustainable. tenbet it’s space design, it’s ecological design, it’s the will of the new SPA generation to leave an imprint, a distinctive and positive sign, through a line of exclusive lamps, with lights of atmosphere which are unique pieces, born of a creative act and attributable exclusively to the brand.

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How did the idea for dixpari come about? Can you tell us who you are? Our story begins in 2014 when my sister Carolina – Founder and project manager dixpari – begins to work in the family business. One day an object with a particular shape captures all his attention: it is a point of light, a lamp that catches his eye, to imprison it in a whole new experience of gleams, reflections, colors. This curiosity leads Carolina to investigate the history of this lamp. discovers that it is a gift made to my father, my architect friend, Antonella Pugno, which had followed the ecological renovation of the company building. The enthusiasm grows when we learn that the main ingredient of this lamp comes from from us: it was made with production waste from our family business, SPA SpA From that moment, what seemed inert until then began to move, to be reborn and to vibrate with its own light. Carolina therefore decides to launch a line of eco-designed products. A little after I also joined the project and we presented ours first collection at Salone del Mobile in 2017.

dixpari eco-sustainable lamps

Are the lamps you create made entirely from recycled materials? How do you choose it? Yes exactly. IS all materials exclusively recycled incoming of our family business – SPA SpA -, which has been operating for more than 50 years in the sector of injection molding of thermoplastic materials. It talks about so industrial waste. In our production processes, we have material that is physiologically rejected during the installation phases of the machines and material that we resharpen from non-compliant components. then we play with different colorsmaster that we have in our warehouse unused, because there is an excess of minimum purchase lots, with other waste. By skillfully merging everything, we get our lamps.

How important is the issue of eco-sustainability to you? For us it is very important value. We care a lot. Not only is it at the base of our collections but also the last renovation of our offices was carried out according to the paradigms of green building. The building is certified Climate House Gold Nature. A zero emissions company, the first and only company in the entire Northwest. We do not produce disposable plastic – such as packaging for example – but only plastic for durable goods.

dixpari eco-sustainable lamps

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How many collections have you created, what were they inspired by and what characteristics do they have? For the moment, we have created 3 collections: Only, table model, Macramewall model e magician, which is a modular wall covering system that plays everything on light. They are all unique models, numbered and signed also very different from each other. There are no molds so you can’t have two identical products. And this strong artisanal component is certainly a plus of our eco-sustainable design products. Each lamp is made up of a handmade base that houses the central body – even 90 cm in diameter – and is designed for the residential and hotel sector.

Your latest creations are extremely current and linked to the moment we live in: can you tell us what you thought of the lamps from the masks used? The lamps are a recent project, launched in 2021. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Carolina and I reasoned about the consequences of the dispersion of the masks in the environment, thus opting for a solution in line with the ethical principles of our brand. , already established in the production of eco-sustainable luxury lamps. Hence the idea of ​​a new line of luminous objects tenbet, born of “recycling within recycling”. For example, Vittoria and Pulcinella were born: design objects characterized by the fusion of the company’s production scraps with the symbol par excellence of the global health emergency: the masks – obviously inserted into the production process after a preventive phase sanitation.

dixpari eco-sustainable lamps

What are the expected goals for this year? What about the future? We have many new projects in the pipeline: first of all to open up to new foreign markets – we have been in Dubai since this year. Then we will run the Collection alone in a new version rechargeable and cordless. And finally we will present some new products at Salone del Mobile 2022but I can’t tell you anything about that yet.

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