Curly hair: 5 long haircuts recommended

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As summer approaches, the desire to renew your look returns, from Haircut.

Who has curly hair knows how long and how much effort it takes to grow it; for this reason, once you reach a respectable length, it is difficult to suddenly decide to cut everything in view of the summer. Yet curly hair when it is long is beautiful, of course, but also very demanding. Keeping it in order and preventing it from becoming messy, untamed and frizzy is not at all easy and for this you have to resort to curly hair treatments specific.

So, how to do ? Only one solution: opt for a long cut which, without removing the entire length, is able to give a new shape to the hair and give us a fresher and sunnier look.

How to cut curly hair without making it too short

THE long haircuts for curly hair they are the ideal choice for all women who want to change their appearance without having to give up that wonderful leonine hair conquered with so much effort and subjected to all the best treatments for curly hair, able to maintain healthy hair structure, compact and vital.

Their job is to give shape to the hair mass, scaling, slimming and reshaping in the right places. Here are the 5 best long haircuts for curly hair.

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The classic long layered cut

The degraded cut is a great classic, capable of reduce the volume lion’s hair that grew out of proportion without any control. By reducing the volume in the right places, you can cleaner hairwithout having to give up tying your hair whenever you want.

the long shag

The shag is a very fashionable cut this year, especially by those who have curly hair and want to lighten their hair, making it more sparkling and young. It’s a very streamlined cut that significantly shortens above the neck, lightening the lengths.

collaborne cup

The collaborne cut is a mid-length cut that reaches the height of the collarbones and which became famous thanks to julia robert. Perfect for all hair types, it is also ideal for those with curly hair. Easy to wear, in the case of leonine hair you always have to resort to treatments for curly hair to avoid frizz and to keep hair tidy. It looks like a kind of long bob pulled shorter in the back.

curly hair and long mullet

The mule is a unisex fit very popular in the 80s, but has recently made a comeback. Aggressive and unscrupulous, this cut has many short, medium and long versions. Very lively, it does not take long to comb his hair.

long bob

The long bob or lob is a mid-length bob perfect for those with curly hair. Symmetrical or asymmetrical, scaled or straight, it is extremely elegant and manages to also soften the features more marked.

Long hair: care for curly hair

Long hair like curly hair needs special care to maintain its shine and stay healthy. precisely for this reason, the care of long and curly hair requires a double effort and the careful choice of the products to be used.

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Among the products that must not be missing in the curly hair treatment kit we find detangling and firming shampoo and conditioner; then the presence of a is fundamental curly hair nourishing mask alternate with a elasticizing and revitalizing conditioner.

Very useful then I styling products to be applied before drying, able to reduce frizz and make hair easier to comb.

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