Belen Rodriguez tells us about the Hinnominate brand launched with his brothers

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We met Belen Rodriguez talk about the Hinnomate brand he started with his two brothers.

Interview with Belen Rodriguez about her brand Hinnominate

How did the idea of ​​launching a fashion brand come about? The idea was born during the covid period, a time when we all had much more time to dedicate to ourselves, beyond problems and fears. I felt the need and the desire to start a new profession that also involves my brothers, so we thought it was the right opportunity to be able to bring this project to life together.

What role do you have in the company?
Our work in the company is very active, we choose everything! from the moodboard of the collection, to the modeling, the fabrics, the color palette… and then all the creative part. Even the atmosphere of the campaign, we always chose the places and the models together, we love the castings! We are happy to follow all aspects of the work together.

How did you choose Fabio Castelli as creative director? I had already collaborated with Fabio a few years ago, we had created a successful brand together. In view of the previous results and having found myself very well, it seemed natural to me to make the choice fall on him. Moreover, the support of Dream Project is really fundamental for the brand.

Who is the brand for? What target are you referring to? Hinnominate is a brand designed for women and men who want to feel comfortable, comfortable but at the same time fashionable.

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What is the common thread that unites the men’s, women’s and children’s collections? The men’s, women’s and children’s collections all follow the same philosophy. The comfortable fit garments, characterized by color blocking effects and strong versatility, are designed to be worn every day with practicality and freshness.

What convinced you to sign the license with Marbel for the children’s line? Because other Dream Project licenses are already active with Marbel. It is a serious company, consolidated in the market with which we maintain excellent relations.

Where will the brand be distributed? Is it also sold online? We are already present in many authorized points of sale in Italy, we have our online platform and a corner dedicated to La Rinascente in Milan. Abroad, we are present in Spain, Portugal and Eastern countries.

Do you plan to place it on a market as well? Yes, we are evaluating various proposals in the luxury market sector

Future projects and collaborations? We always have to think about the future, Hinnominate is a constantly evolving brand.

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