At Terrazza 21 for the concert of Fedez and J-Ax with Valve

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The Terrazza 21 Live Report at the Duomo with friends from Valve

Love Mi, a mega benefit concert of about six hours, many guests, many young spectators, music and choirs. A unique event in one of the most evocative scenarios: Piazza Duomo organized by new friends Fedez and J-Ax. A night of fashion music, followed by Terrazza 21 at the Duomo, coordinated by Opinion leader hybrid agency in Milan with 35 years of experience behind it.


An appointment with the inimitable style of the brand Valvededicated to the new generation, born from the synergy between the entrepreneur Matteo Cambi and the start Le Marche creative workshops.

Christian Ricciarini - Matteo Cambi
Christian Ricciarini and Matteo Cambi

The fashion brand that translates the needs of young people, responding to new trends and directions in the fashion world. A casual style, but at the same time trendy. Valve evolves with its client, always listening to new technologies, social movements and the latest artistic and musical trends. All this is concentrated in his colorful creations, with a cool and minimal cut, geometric lines, cool graphics on a sporty atmosphere, with strong and vitamin colors: in fact, they range from fluorescent to color block for models who see the sweatshirt as the absolute protagonist, with Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and accessories. The essentials for self-expression.

For the occasion, we interviewed the co-founder Christian Ricarini:

Let’s start at the beginning. How was the brand born? Valve was born in 2017 from a start-up based in Pesaro in Marche where I was a construction engineer. So a whole other sector. I reinvented myself in this world of start-ups and at some point we invented this brand with the guys.

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What does Vanne mean? Valve is clearly the release valve for each of us, which we need. From a passion for cooking, jogging, rather than making plans or going on vacation. Valve is what keeps us in balance and facing life with peace of mind.

How does this translate into a fashion collection? This concept was the meeting with the best fashion players also thanks to the help of Matteo Cambi, founder of Guru who included us in this sector and today we are in 180 stores. In Italy we have Japan, France and Spain and it is a fashion collection designed by the Moro Pignatti studio from Padua with the new partner that we are launching today the SS 23 and ETIELLE collection by Corato actor in that sector.


At first, when she was born, didn’t you think you would go this far? We didn’t expect to go this far. Absolutely not, so much so that Valve was not born as a fashion project, but was born as a philosophical project. We also organized school events for children. It was Valve Keep your balance, keep your balance and from there, as soon as the 500 t-shirts distributed on the Adriatic coast were printed, everything exploded and then we entered the world of fashion.

And now, where do you want to go, think big? The big challenge is today. We are here in Milan, on an important terrace, certainly in the capital of fashion and therefore as good Pesaro as we are used to with the good Gioachino Rossini, we open the curtain, we open the curtain. This world is important, we have been far from two years of novelty and therefore let’s not forget that fashion and clothing have experienced a significant decline during these two years. But we are sportswear, we are t-shirts, we are sweatshirts, we are everything that makes us feel good, so rights and gestures in free time. And therefore also for what is precisely a light and unstructured way of thinking.

May I ask you what is your point of sale at the moment? Each of us has our own relief valves. Mine is absolutely music. Last night I went to a Vasco Rossi concert. Finally, after 35 years, I could see Vasco at the back of his stage and by actually touching him, he was really my outlet.

He concludes by saying: “For Valve is a new chapter, and we are proud and proud to be able to formalize the new license agreement from this exclusive setting, in the city of fashion par excellence, on such a special day in conjunction with a concert that perfectly embodies our mission: the music for anyone a valve!”


The concert was organized to raise funds for the Onlus TOG – TOGETHER TO GO, center of excellence in the rehabilitation of children suffering from complex neurological diseases, in particular infantile cerebral palsy and genetic syndromes with mental retardation. Many guests present among the many in addition to Fedez and J-Ax, Dargen D’Amico, Tananai, Lazza, M¥SS KETA, Ghali, Ariete, Beba, Cara, Frada, Miles, MYDRAMA, Nitro, Paky, PAULO, Rhove, Rosa Chemical, Rose Villain, Mara Sattei, Shiva, and Tedua.

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It starts at 6:00 p.m., streaming on Infinity and from 7:00 p.m. live on Italia 1. Elenoire Casalegno, Aurora Ramazzotti and the tiktoker Gabriel Vagnato. The first part is devoted to emerging young people and then raises the bar single after single with Ariete and Mara Sattei so what nitro, tight bars and t-shirts promoting a message about freedom of choice in abortion. The first hit that warms the Piazza Duomo is “trembling” of Rhove which features the friends who have come out of the Sesto Rondò metro ready to wreak havoc. Paki and Shiva they keep the vibe high. Dargen, Myss Keta And Lazza they rock, to Ghali And Tananai who appreciates it, with its chill corner. At the end of the evening a full stage, unexpected guests from Levante to Stash and the kolors, upstairs to Jake La Furia and Orietta Bertiand of course the hosts Fedez and J-ax, retrace the slogans of “Thousand” to this year’s summer hit “The Sweet Life” feat. Mara Sattei and Tananai. Of “I would like but no place” to the great classics like “I will stop tomorrow”.

Record temperatures like the riot of kids filmed by the cameras, Generation Z invading the Milan square, a big party with friends, a noble objective, the positive side of things: music at the center.

Article by Lorenza Nervitto

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