Aquamarine, a stone for women’s day

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The month of March has arrived and with it spring is getting closer and closer, we have gone through another winter saddened by the Covid pandemic and the desire to be reborn, to party is more and more present. With the month of March here too is approaching”women’s day“, a day that leads us to thank the women who are close to us: mothers, sisters, companions, daughters and if we haven’t done it yet for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, we take the opportunity to tell them how much they are there with little care offer a jewel. How not to talk about aquamarine at this stage? A stone which, for its marvelous Light bluefor many, it has great symbolic significance.

Aquamarine: an extraordinary stone

Aquamarine jewel

With its beautiful crystals, shiny and transparent, shining even in the dark, with its blue which, at times, turns blue, this stone instills calm, serenity and balance.

Aquamarine is a variety of berylliumlike the emerald but, contrary to this one, which often has many inclusions, the aquamarine is mainly it’s pure. This is why it forms beautiful crystals, sometimes even large and of astonishing transparency.

If these gems are subjected to high temperatures, their color changes. For this reason, the most opaque or greenish stones are heated and thus take on a sky blue color.

Aquamarine is also the stone dedicated by many to the month of March, indeed it is called the birthstone Of this month.

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Known from the earliest times, this stone has long been called simply berylliumthe story goes that it officially took the name it bears today only during the Renaissance.

Although aquamarine is a very precious gemstone, it is so widespread that it is one of the most popular in the world.

Aquamarine: myths and traditions

Many myths and traditions have sprung up around aquamarine, one of the most famous concerns seamen. It seems that in ancient times they wore aquamarine amulets with the face of Poseidon, the god of the sea, imprinted on them. It was because they thought they were acquiring the courage necessary for their undertakings.

During the Renaissance, however, it was customary to immerse the stone in drinking water and with it rinse your eyes with the conviction of being able to cure the diseases which are related to them.


Aquamarine is nothing but a variety of beryllium which in these stones is strictly pure with the exception of the atoms of iron, the richness and arrangement of which, amid those of Beryllium, give it the typical blue color and the resulting shades and varieties.

Variety of aquamarine

Aquamarine jewel

Aquamarina Santa Maria

In Santa Maria de Itabira, in Brazilin the 1950s, mines were discovered where marvelous aquamarine gems of an intense blue color were extracted.

Unfortunately today the mine is almost exhausted. This type of gemstone is really rare for this reason, by experts, the aquamarine of Santa Maria is considered refined and precious.

Aquamarine from Sao Domingos

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This variety of stone also comes from Brazil and exactly from the Sao Domingos mine. Gems are mined there very bright blue color, very clear and limpid due to its marked purity.

Bauchi Aquamarine

The aquamarine variety Bauchi is located at Nigeria, its colors vary from intense blue to more delicate blue.

These gems display an enchanting purity and brilliance to brighten up any outfit.

Aquamarine can be extracted from Australia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Madagascar, Russia, United States and Sri Lanka.

Again, the most important advice is to rely on a trusted jeweler. In fact, given the high cost which presents, it is easy to find good imitations around. These can deceive us, so be careful where you buy it.

In any case, a jewel with aquamarine, in addition to giving joy to those who receive it, is always a good investment. A gemstone is always a timeless piece of jewelry that gains value over time.

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