Alessia Petrenko talks to us about fashion Oblique Creations

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Let’s go in order, how was your passion for fashion born? The passion for fashion was born since I was very small: already as a child, I loved making clothes and accessories for my dolls. In my family, we had to adapt by trying to fix the clothes that friends and relatives gave us and that maybe they were too big or at least not the right size. From there was born the passion and I discovered that I was able to do everything and also to have taste. My sister gave me a hand; once I took my mother’s coat and in the evening I made a jacket for myself and a skirt for my sister: the next morning my mother woke up and she no longer had her coat! There were many things that we would have liked to have but could not have and for this reason we started to make them at home from what we had on hand. In the end, it’s creativity, because it’s easy to do when you have everything available, but it’s much more difficult to invent them from the few things you have.

When you work today, can you recapture that mood you had when you were a kid, you reinvented clothes with the materials you had? Yes, I can and that’s what makes it all come alive. When I present the samples each year my agent tells me that I cannot surprise him and on the contrary I always succeed. My goal is always to find something new to offer people, for me it’s a real stimulus, to do better and better. I always want to surpass myself and I’m never happy with what I’ve done, because I always want more.

Which clientele do you think of when you create your works? I think of a completely normal woman, made up of strengths and weaknesses. I don’t think of a woman on the catwalk, but of a woman who lives, who works, who has children, who does the shopping, who goes to a meeting… good time with herself.

How was this experience in Milan with Fashion Week? Beautiful. I hope to realize my dream and achieve my desire to help women find themselves, realize themselves, love and value themselves as they are.“.

How was the brand name born? What does “Oblique” mean? It means asymmetry, it means something which is not the same and which travels a little independently, without conforming. Oblique doesn’t follow trends too much and my goal is to make normal women look beautiful, because I’m not thinking of models or catwalk women, but everyday women. By creating clothes, Oblique tries to give beauty to women, with a lot of class; in 2009, at the beginning, the clothes of this brand were very asymmetrical, with different lengths and overlapping and this is what gave meaning to the name Oblique. Now it’s always like that, but the term Oblique has another meaning: now everything is “cleaner” and in the first place there is the desire to enhance the feminine world, not the trend.

What are the strengths of this latest collection presented in Milan? The collection is called “Hidden Treasure”, the hidden treasure. Every woman has a dream in life and tries to find something special, a treasure. I hope Oblique helps women understand that the most special thing they need is themselves. Our goal is for this woman to be valued, for her to believe in herself and in her strength. The treasure is the woman herself. The colors of the sample are like gems, they are intense and deep colors: garnet, sapphire, amethyst are all precious stones that create a precious palette. The must-have is given by the details. This year, in my opinion, it is important to refine the look and the must-have can therefore be a choker, a hat, a belt, etc… a detail capable of changing the look and making the difference.

oblique creations

What are the next steps that the brand intends to take? At present, we have created a new store concept and hope that in the future, we can rebrand existing stores and new openings in the Middle East. Let’s say that the next step is the development of the brand in the Middle East: we are already present and we have a concept store in Dubai, but we are trying to strengthen our presence..

Where can we buy your clothes in Italy? In Italy, at the moment, it is only possible to buy online.

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