Alessandro Fasolo tells the world of Cruna

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The brand relies on the concept of Made in Italy, is it also linked to local manufacturers? Could you give us examples? Cruna’s business model is short-range, entirely organized in Italy and mainly in Veneto. We have structured an operational organization and a supply chain close to our headquarters in Vicenza with the desire to use the skills of our territory and with the desire to nurture and support the places that are near and dear to us, we have therefore organized with production facilities located between Verona and Treviso passing through the Berici Hills. We believe that the wealth of our territory and our workers is the key to true sustainability, where the cornerstones are quality, proximity to suppliers, speed and flexibility of production.

Alessandro Fasolo
Alessandro Fasolo

Already with the evolution of the pandemic and even more today we are witnessing a reallocation of production assets from offshore to nearshore, we, on the other hand, are and have always been proud to be Italian and to produce in Italy, with a logistics -production model. Just as our production system is Made In Italy, so are our main fabric suppliers, some of the Italian weavers we work with are Marzotto, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis and Carvico. Always with these objectives, Cruna’s collaboration with Marzotto Fabrics, manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy and Made in Veneto, was created and consolidated, which continued for several seasons in the four-handed creation of collections fabric capsules dedicated to our collections. This partnership gives birth to the fabrics created exclusively for Cruna Spring Summer 2022: researched and manufactured according to production processes selected with the development team of Marzotto Fabrics, they represent our continuous search for excellence, quality and innovation. .

After the years of high street market affluence, are men returning to the values of more refined casualwear?

For more than a few seasons, casual clothing has established itself in the men’s wardrobe. Cruna ‘Elevated Casual is based on the reinterpretation of iconic menswear garments, even those of more casual origin, elevating them to a new shade of fun and combining the continuous search for shape innovation with art of the typical know-how of our territory. . We dress the dynamic, contemporary and refined man, expressing his innate elegance at every moment of his day.

Cruna Factory

The great success of our most iconic model, the Mitte, testifies to how much the reinterpretation of the traditional canons of men’s fashion in a casual and contemporary key is recognized by the markets and by the end consumer. When developing this model, we reinterpreted a classic penny fit, inserting elements of activewear inspiration.

Local production is one of the pillars of sustainable production, is this a theme that you also pursue from other angles? Today, there is a lot of talk about environmental sustainability and social responsibility and we see the continuous development of best practices in the ESG field. We share the importance of giving space to these issues but it often happens that we detect misuse. Our sector, dominated by large conglomerates ranging from fast fashion to high luxury, was among the first to highlight these issues and track their actions in the financial statements. We heard about recycling, reducing water consumption, CO2 impacts, the origin of work, etc. Today, our industry is called upon to go a step further, to make ESG practices more traceable and accurate, according to the mantra “traceable is manageable”.


The value of a garment can no longer be linked solely to the value of its brand, but must also respond to its own intrinsic value and to a production ethic that respects the principles of environmental protection, worker protection and just profit. At Cruna we have the advantage of being young and having created our company around a sustainable mentality, based on the principles of quality, Made in Italy, a short and traceable supply chain and respect for all our stakeholders.


Our supply chain is concentrated in an area of approximately 100km: we see the fabrics born, we communicate daily with our suppliers who have become partners in the development of the company. We are experimenting with certification tools for our products, which have led us, among other things, to launch a line called “Natural Wonders”, aimed precisely at certifying the natural origin of fabrics and the use of production techniques with low environmental impact. . . We are a company made up of 75% women and 90% under the age of 35, as they say “being (sustainable) is easier than looking”.

Can you tell us what your essentials are? Is there an iconic garment? Our journey begins as a brand specializing in the segment of men’s trousers. Up-to-date wearability and anticipation of trends are the main recognition factors of our collections. In the development of our most iconic modelthe Mittewe have reinterpreted a classic cut with a penny, inserting elements of activewear inspiration, such as the elastic waistband and the concealed drawstring, which guarantee great comfort properties without giving up a refined look.


The variation of Mitte in the wide choice of fabrics in which it is offered, raises its intrinsic value by making it a versatile trouser to wear on any occasion: perfect to wear with a jacket for an elegant and updated outfit, or more simply combined with a sweater for an informal look, in the perfect Cruna Elevated Casual style. From the most versatile cottons, to the precious blends of cashmere wool, silk and linen, passing through the innovation of the best technical fabrics available on the market, the Mitte reconfirms itself season after season as the model most appreciated by our customers. .


Ours too Monti overshirt it is a very successful continuous model. Inspired by 50s workwear, this shirt is reinterpreted in a versatile garment with urban references that can be worn alone or over a sweater as outerwear with a comfortable, slightly oversized fit. Its relaxed volumes and utilitarian pockets make the Monti overshirt a contemporary garment of great comfort and style. In these images it is offered in its version in softened buttoned wool and rock velvet in organic cotton 750 lines.

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